Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Science According to Muchacho Enfermo

Now... Here's a simple recipe for a "do it yourself" disaster of an experiment...

I enjoy reading the "caution" or "warning" labels on various products I purchase, such as toothpaste, shampoo, household cleaners... and last night, well... it was on my Degree Professional Strength Antiperspirant.
As you can see from the picture below the label clearly states:

So after quite a few quite a few beers and because I was dying from sheer boredom, I scratched out a note on a napkin that simply "freeze deodorant".

This morning before heading off to work and right after applying my daily dose of wetness protection, I put the deodorant in the freezer to see if this warning was warranted. 6 hours later, I pull it out of the freezer. It looked normal, smelled normal, felt normal when I put it on.

Having run out of patience and having decided against putting a stick of deodorant in a conventional oven to see what happens when you store it at 45 degrees Celsius, I did the next best thing. I stuck it in the microwave. (Yes I can hear your comments about my idiocy right now as I'm typing this... I know!) What I was treated to was my own personal display of miniature fireworks! Apparently Degree Professional has an aluminum component that makes up about 20% of the deodorant stick and as we all know: microwaves and metal don't mix.

The moral of the story is?
-Keep your deodorant anywhere except the microwave and you should be just fine.

You see kids? And you thought science couldn't be fun and dangerous... If any of you insist on trying this at home, please wait for your parents to be away because your mother will be pissed off if you break the microwave.

And that folks, was the first edition of Science According to Muchacho Enfermo.


Charlie Bravo said...

It reminds me of a neighbor in Cuba who got a microwave and my brother told him that it was IDEAL to make hard boiled eggs, without water. He spend like a month cleaning the microwave and the kitchen....

Muchacho Enfermo said...

And you know those microwaves back then were evil and huge and "nuclear" especially the ones in Cuba... I can only image the eggs being scraped off the inside... nice.

Anonymous said...

jajajajaja, pesao..