Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chocolate- "Taste the Fury"

This movie is underrated and almost buried from rest of the world. It's got the best choreography that I've ever seen, executed by somebody totally unexpected. All the beautiful martial art is bolstered by a solid, engaging story. The first 10 minutes, I was instantly intrigued, not even knowing the pending grandeur of the cinematic wizardry. The heavy, sentimental drama builds early on. A thai, mob-woman breaches her code by having an amorous ties with an enemy (A Japanese Yakuza). The liaison results in an autistic offspring. This daughter, during her adolescence, discovers an extraordinary ability of adapting martial arts, by means of scrutiny. She soon unleashes her wrath on to the wrongdoers that brought misfortune to her mother. A big hearted, clumsy sidekick initiates the missions and they're out to boot some booties. This movie sets all of the recent heroine movies back to the stone age. There are no shaky cams to speak of, in which disguises the fight-impaired actors. Nothing but sheer intensity of authentic stunts done by the actors. Very minimal stunt doubling and a whole lot of awesomeness!!!!

Author's note: People were actually injured doing the martial arts in this movie.

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