Friday, August 21, 2009

The Rejection Hotline

It's not a rumor, it's not a myth, although personally I have not been a victim of the rejection hotline, I think it's interesting that there is a need for one and that people actually pay so other people can reject other people without having to do it face to face.

For those who aren't familiar with this whole thing here's out it works...
You meet a girl in a bar, you think she's annoying, she thinks you're great.
She wants your phone number but you don't want to give it... yet you don't want to say no. You give her the phone number for the rejection hotline and when she calls "you" she gets a message saying that she's been rejected for various reasons.
It's easy, painless and is probably the easiest way to turn down someone.

Think about it, none of that awkward saying "no", you don't have to screen your calls, nothing... The hotline does it for you.

Here's the website and here's the Montreal number for you all:
-Montreal: 514-667-0361

I haven't found international numbers yet... but I will oh yeah... I will.


abel desestress said...

WENDY, recibe mis besos y mucho afecto.
Adelante con tu blog.

Anonymous said...

gracias, gracias....
hey muchacho me hace falta que me consigas el de miami, jajajaja, es que soy una persona muyyyyy solicitada, jajajajjaa