Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey... do you all remember this guy? George Laraque, the ex pro hockey player who became the dude in the commercial for TekSavvy? Well now he's been named the Deputy Leader of the Green Party...

That means, oh yes it does, that he will be running in the next election to be part of the Canadian government!

Motherfucker he's awesome!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

L - is for LATINA

I know this is usually Wendy's thing... But well I figured I'd chime in and do at least one letter in the whole alphabet...

1- Hot, sexy and sensual chicks who have the nicest asses, nice curves everywhere and look good in everything and best of hair (well the most of us)...
"Nosotras si que somos lo que se puede decir sexy!"

2- The sexiest women in da world!
"damn dat latina mami is sexxy as hell"

3- The hottest women on the face of the earth. No other woman comes close. They have tan-mocha skin, dark black hair, the best asses and curves ever. Not to mention some seriously addictive pussy. Their asses are amazing. They are possibly the only woman that can still be attractive when over weight.

4- A lady with Hispanic roots. They can look either fine, good, cute, beautiful or sexy. They have a chance to become the most beautiful human creatures on this planet.
"He began to get himself ready, and as he sat in his chair, the latina came out in her sexy lingerie. He was ready to have the best night of his life."

5- Every man on Earth wishes he had a Latina by his side.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

letter k- "Kinky"

1-Foot-sucking, rubber wearing, pee on me, fruit-fuckin', candlewax drippin', long fingernail scrapin', tossed salad eatin',multiple partner havin', she-male, oil-drenched, chocolate sauce, whipped cream covered,vibrator usin',dress-up,banned in 30states type of sex.

-We had kinky sex on the patio last night!
-Really? What's a patio?

2- Engaging in some form of BDSM or enjoying nonstandard sexual or sensual stimulation. The opposite of vanilla.

-My boyfriend and I are sort of kinky. Last night was great, but I still have rope burns on my wrists.

3-a tendency to like things, sexually or not, that may not apeal to a majority; open to experimentation.

-wow, Gozde sure is kinky whenever she gets near ahmet.

4-Besides describing hair, rope, and sex, "kinky" can also be used as a general word for acknowledging something someone has said as being interesting, neat, cool, awesome, groovy, gnarly, sweet, etc. It can also be used to mean okay, in the sense that you are agreeing with someone. It should always be said in monotone, even if you're excited. It should also be pronounced as fast as possible.

-Hey, we're all going over to Carl's house after the movie.

-I got us front row tickets for {insert band here}!
-Kinky. (note that you don't exclaim it, even though you are excited; simply say it in monotone)

5-someone who loves mad crazy hot sweaty hardcore sex; try-sexual,will try nething once; sexy;vixen;freak,ie;kinky ie; me silly!

-xoxo *Marilyn* -muah- xoxo

6-Usually something you haven't tried yet. Other times, twisted tightly.

-You want me to shove this where, while I'm doing you from behind? - That's kinky!

-Look at the kinky fro on that dude!

7-A kinky person is a person who can make other ppl think dirty things about them or a kinky person is a person who thinks dirty, basicly it consists of these items

-Gag balls, whipped cream, red bras, chocolate syrup,and all other seductive items...

-And all types of sexy, anal sex, vaginal sex, licking sex, sucking and etc...

-Nate was wearing a Kinky bra yesterday! ;)

8-kinky (kin-ky) it is a type of furry animal. something hairy, puffy, fluffy, poofy, furry.

-woah!!that thing is kinky

9-Kinky is when u have nipple rings,jump starter,car battery,and a person u trust..then u get jump started...or..TESERD!!!!!

-When a guy named WILL gets to excited n dreams about things!!!!!

10-the state of unsaturated fats, due to a lack of one or more hydrogen atoms on carbon skeleton; results in fluidity at room temperature

-The kinky state of unsaturated fats makes them better for you, becasue they will not bind to your arteries.

11-Sexual practices that many people view as wild, unusual, or extreme. Definitions of this word vary from person to person; someone might think wearing a red bra is kinky, or having sex with the lights on, but someone else will classify kinky as being suspended from the ceiling, whipped, and gagged.

Guys are often surprised to discover that quiet girls are the kinkiest. But they're only quiet because they're imagining having lots of kinky sex.

-I went out with this librarian the other night, and I thought she'd be prude, but at the end of the night she let me tie her up and spank her. She was nice and kinky

well this is all for today, see ya!!