Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh F$ck....

I found someone with even more time to waste on his hands than all three of us put together. "When life gives me lemons I make beef stew" ?!?!?!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear Blog...

Dear blog...

I know it's been a while and like with any relationship it gets kind of awkward after one person stops paying attention to the other. And well... let's face it, neither Wendy, Deya or I have been paying much attention to you have we?

I mean, I know that you're fun and everything, but you're a lot of work... I guess what I'm trying to say is that your high maintenance. Look at it from our perspective: we need to type a username, then remember our passwords? THEN we have to type some posts? I mean seriously! That's a lot of work!!!

We're the ones who make you look good and people pay attention to you because of us! When was the last time you did something for yourself? I mean I go away for a few days and you're still showing the same old post saying the same old thing! Do you even care about how you look in front of others? I don't think so....

Well blog, I'm hoping that this letter has shed some light on to why none of us have tried to maintain you lately... Start by helping yourself and we'll help you. And for god sakes, I stop drinking yourself to sleep every night and maybe one of us will come and write on you one of these days...

Until then peace out,

Muchacho Enfermo

PS: We know what you did last summer... and you should be ashamed!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Every now and again you hear a song that makes you say "Fuck why didn't I write that." Well today I'm writing about one of these songs. I kept hearing it on 99.9 The BuZZ (shameless plug for alternative radio... yay!) but I never actually listened to the lyrics until I was stuck in traffic today and I instead of humming the melody I payed attention to all the words.

This one is a song called Unity and is a collaboration between Trevor Hall this blond kids from South Carolina that's been performing since he was 16 and Matisyahu a Jewish raggae artist. The melody is insane, the lyrics are deep and touching and the song is just sheer beauty for your ears. This in one of those universal songs that'll speak to you no matter what mood you're in... Whether you're in love and your loved one is on the other side of a continent, whether you are saddened by all the hatred and fear in the world, or by the injustice of mankind... this song will speak to you.

Here's the Video and here's the lyrics... Much love to both Hall and Matisyahu for writing this song. I am your debt gentlemen.

Take me to the table where we all dine together
And pluck me from the crowd and return me to my sender
Whatever path you follow push on till tomorrow
Love all serve all and create no sorrow
So many rivers but they all reach the sea
They telling me he's different but I just don't believe it
Love is the glorious and everyone shall reach it
Who ever seeks it
Seen and unseen

I don't want a reason anymore about the one I love, the one I love
I don't want a reason anymore about God above, God above
I just want to melt away, in all His grace
Drift away, into that sacred place
Where there's no more you and me, no more they and we, just unity yeah yeah, just unity yeah yeah, just unity yeah yeah, just unity yeah yeah

Well I don't wana count the leaves of the mango tree
I just want to taste it's sweetness
So you can defeat this above and beneath this
Come one and all, come stand tall
And whatever your approaching dance or meditation
If you got love along than you shall reach the station
You find a road, the supreme abode
In this city all hearts shine like gold

Don't want a reason anymore about the one I love, the one I love
I don't want a reason anymore about God above, God above
I just want to melt away, in all His grace
Drift away, into that sacred place
Where there's no more you and me, no more they and we, just unity yeah, just unity, just unity, unity, just unity

Me and Jesus, Buddah, Moses, and Gouranga
All dance around, dancing on your thunder
Drunk on the wine of love for thee
Well tell me when will I be blessed to join the bliss of your company
Blissful company goes from sea to sea
From the depths of the valley to the mountain peaks
So many stories and so many fables of how the king sings of how the wall wails
Jerusalem to the Holy Himalayas
From Mount Zion to the hills of Jamaica
All land is holy, all land is sacred
All shall leave this world completely naked
Completely naked, completely

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valla aki promocionando al Ciro...

jejje esta es una de sus ultimas canciones.... por ahora les pongo la letra, el video lo pongo en estos dias.. :)
Es una parodia de la cancion "su propia guerra".

Su propia lengua:

Lagarde va camino de la vida que soñó

perreandole al gobierno pa' ganarse su perol

habla mal de Yoani manda'o por el G2

alaba a Fidel Castro que clase'e chivatón

Lagarde siempre al día y con tecnología pro

sus dos manos las surte el ministerio e'l'interior

en una el bokitoki en la otra la laptop

dice que interne´ es mala con tremenda conección

Lagarde y otros comunistas buscan sin cesar

por todo el ancho mundo alguien que los quiera apoyar

siempre hay algún imbécil que se deja engañar

algunos con un nombre o una cara que mostrar

Lagarde va sin nombre va sin rostro pero va

defiende el mal aliento del ministro de las FAR

ministro que reparte los carros por demás

comprendan a Lagarde, a el le gusta manejar.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

On the Road Again

Driving back from Miami we saw all sorts of little places, had the car vandalized, saw a bunch of trees, were told by a hotel attendant we were going to hell, waited an hour and 10 minutes for a meal at KFC, saw some really scary places (like North Carolina, ALL of it), saw crackheads in DC and slept in a Motel 6 with holes in the bathroom door. All that to say, it's a long ass drive from Miami to Montreal and I-95 is a creepy ass highway... oh yeah, and we still don't know who JR is... or who shot him.