Monday, May 30, 2016

John Green/A. G. Smith Stained Glass Coloring Books review

Really cute books, I was expecting something more challenging.. they are pretty simple... way too simple. I can finish all 3 books i got in like 30 min.

I got them for a gift as a pocket entertainment for like when you are at the doctor waiting or something, they fit in your hand and are very light wight.

I paid $2.50 for each book, I think they should cost about $1.99. They have a good quality paper but i just found it pricey.

Zeso 3 Super Fisheye Camera Lens Kit 3 in 1 review

Very nice kit, got it in exchange for my honest review with a discount and I am glad I order it, is really cool!

The kit comes in a super nice black box [perfect for a gift], it comes with a hook so you can attach the black box to wherever you are carrying, and if you want something less bulky, it also comes with a little black pouch. When you open it, only see two lenses, because the wide and macro lens come together screwed into each other, so you actually have 3 lenses [macro, wide angle, and fish-eye] but only two cap. On a minus note the caps are only on the front side of the lens, this made me touch the inside lens trying to take it out of the box and because of this I will not be able to use the little black pouch for easy transport [don't want to take the risk to scratch them]. The clip is very strong and steady, nice at the touch and good quality plastic.

I have include 3 pictures one from each lens, they all are pretty nice and fun to use, ones I try it I could not stop taking pictures, just for the fun of what else?!... Fish- eye pretty cool, macro really interesting, wide angle... meh - okay; mostly because, the wide angle lens can NOT be used alone, it does not screw into the clip, only into the macro lens [and is really hard to get focus with it].

Also I used the lens with my phone case on it, of course this may not be possible if you have one of the bulky phone cases, but if you have a normal one it should be no problem, you just need to make sure the lens is center and is not taking the side of the case.

Now the e-book, just forget about the e-book... You have go to the website to get the e-book, then you have subscribe to get the e-book, then go to my email wait for the e-book link that it takes me back to the website with no e-book! asking me to email the company to get the e-book... BS! and then to unsubscribe is another pain... Here I will do you a favor [from their website]:

want to get our amazing E-BOOK for FREE?
contact us at the following address:

I took one star off because up to this point i am not able to unsubscribe from the website [keeps telling me no changes has been made to the account to go back and do it again] and of course no e-book, really frustrated...a part from that all good.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wine Eccentric Wine Aerator Pourer for Red & White review

Compared to other wine aerators I've tried (and own) this on by far meets my two main requirements:


Some of the best wine aerator's I've seen over the years have been big, bulky and ugly. This little thing is small, subtle and delicate. By the same token it's also one of the better ones I've tried: it fits every bottle I tried it with, it delivers a perfect pour every time and it also does a great job of aerating those nice strong reds.

 I found that on the majority of wines I tried it with, my guests and I were more easily able to distinguish different accents in the wines we tried and all of noticed augmented flavor.

The price? Compared to other aerators this one really stands out as value for the money; I've seen many in stores and on Amazon for double, triple the price and the results are the same.

This product is a must for every wine lover out there looking to take that next step on their flavor journey. It comes in a clear plastic box [with red padding] that slice out form the sleeves, really nice presentation, perfect as a gift.

I got this heavily discounted for an unbiased and honest review, but they are so awesome I would definitely buy it anyway! #WineEccentric

Friday, May 13, 2016

Bright Outdoors Solar Lantern / Flashlight / Powerbank review

Really like this lamp, good size, bright light and good materials, not cheap plastic.. nice feeling at the touch.

Has a USB port to charge your phone if need it. It can be use compact as a flash light with 3 setting [ soft, hard and SOS] and you can extended to make it a lamp. Its grate! It also have a solar charger which I have not tried yet but I cant wait, I just charged it on my PC.. really fast too.

I received this for free in exchange for my honest review, I was going to give it as a gift because i really don't need it, but i love it so I am keeping it. I already put it in my car.

This is just cool to have #thebrightoutdoors

InnoGear 50ml Essential Oil Diffuser review

I received this as a promotion for free for my honest review, this product is really nice and I am thinking of getting a second one for my baby room, she likes the lights and I can use it with eucalyptus oil when she is sick.

Really nice product, no noise, nice color, small and cute. Have a great feeling at the touch, I was actually surprise [was expecting something more on cheap plastic side].

It has 3 setting for light, color shuffle, strong and soft. Also 3 setting for the mist 30,60,120 min.

The good thing about this is that you don't need to have both option on! you can select to have the light or just the mist if you want. That is a big plus for me, I used this as a humidifier and it was grate, cause there was no light [all the other ones, have a nightlight that does not go off]. I also like that i don't have to wait for the mist to start, there is no filter that need to be place under water an amount of time, that is grate for me since i don't have time to waste.

Note: I run out of oil so I have only use it with water, but I cant wait :)


Friday, May 6, 2016

DRIVE Car Garbage Can Review

Got this Car Bin From DRIVE Car in order to do a review. I have to say they really care and try to accommodate people needs in their products and and I was very pleased to work with them. So here it goes:

This is a really nice garbage can, really good quality , I really like that it come with the stoppers on the sides so the bags won't move. It has a mesh pocket on ONE of the side [not both], you can place the liners there or put a bottle, etc. This is a solid garbage can, and you can use it as it or as a bag if you want since you can actually closet [it has velcro at the top]. The size is about a normal bottle of water or beer, I had the impression that it was going to be higher... not that tall. But it has a good size/space inside.

As per the liners, they are really good, not heave not thing that it will brake for nothing like stores bags and they are quite big. Note: if you run out of liners, you will be fine with a normal plastic bag, won't be perfect but it will do the job if you are on the run and don't have more liners.

Now, I do have to let you know, when I order this, I was thinking on putting it on the door, grate idea!.. not so fast... if you have a car like mine... I only had 2 options [headrests or shifter]. I do not like the idea to place it on the shifter and it will be on the middle of my things, so I had to put it on the headrest. But, for me will not work either; I have 2 kids and this will be also on the middle. So I will go old fashion on this one and just place it on the floor. FYI...The best place for me, will be from one front seat to the other front seat, but the buckle cord is not long enough even to the max. My other idea is to get an extension cord to add to the buckle or I will have to get a new car for this :P

A plus... this is also water tight, ready to welcome some ice and beer :)

Note: Did not come on retail box

I received this as part on a promotion for free [ I did pay for shipping tho'] for exchange of my honest review. #driveautoproducts