Friday, May 6, 2016

DRIVE Car Garbage Can Review

Got this Car Bin From DRIVE Car in order to do a review. I have to say they really care and try to accommodate people needs in their products and and I was very pleased to work with them. So here it goes:

This is a really nice garbage can, really good quality , I really like that it come with the stoppers on the sides so the bags won't move. It has a mesh pocket on ONE of the side [not both], you can place the liners there or put a bottle, etc. This is a solid garbage can, and you can use it as it or as a bag if you want since you can actually closet [it has velcro at the top]. The size is about a normal bottle of water or beer, I had the impression that it was going to be higher... not that tall. But it has a good size/space inside.

As per the liners, they are really good, not heave not thing that it will brake for nothing like stores bags and they are quite big. Note: if you run out of liners, you will be fine with a normal plastic bag, won't be perfect but it will do the job if you are on the run and don't have more liners.

Now, I do have to let you know, when I order this, I was thinking on putting it on the door, grate idea!.. not so fast... if you have a car like mine... I only had 2 options [headrests or shifter]. I do not like the idea to place it on the shifter and it will be on the middle of my things, so I had to put it on the headrest. But, for me will not work either; I have 2 kids and this will be also on the middle. So I will go old fashion on this one and just place it on the floor. FYI...The best place for me, will be from one front seat to the other front seat, but the buckle cord is not long enough even to the max. My other idea is to get an extension cord to add to the buckle or I will have to get a new car for this :P

A plus... this is also water tight, ready to welcome some ice and beer :)

Note: Did not come on retail box

I received this as part on a promotion for free [ I did pay for shipping tho'] for exchange of my honest review. #driveautoproducts

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