Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wine Eccentric Wine Aerator Pourer for Red & White review

Compared to other wine aerators I've tried (and own) this on by far meets my two main requirements:


Some of the best wine aerator's I've seen over the years have been big, bulky and ugly. This little thing is small, subtle and delicate. By the same token it's also one of the better ones I've tried: it fits every bottle I tried it with, it delivers a perfect pour every time and it also does a great job of aerating those nice strong reds.

 I found that on the majority of wines I tried it with, my guests and I were more easily able to distinguish different accents in the wines we tried and all of noticed augmented flavor.

The price? Compared to other aerators this one really stands out as value for the money; I've seen many in stores and on Amazon for double, triple the price and the results are the same.

This product is a must for every wine lover out there looking to take that next step on their flavor journey. It comes in a clear plastic box [with red padding] that slice out form the sleeves, really nice presentation, perfect as a gift.

I got this heavily discounted for an unbiased and honest review, but they are so awesome I would definitely buy it anyway! #WineEccentric

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