Monday, May 30, 2016

Zeso 3 Super Fisheye Camera Lens Kit 3 in 1 review

Very nice kit, got it in exchange for my honest review with a discount and I am glad I order it, is really cool!

The kit comes in a super nice black box [perfect for a gift], it comes with a hook so you can attach the black box to wherever you are carrying, and if you want something less bulky, it also comes with a little black pouch. When you open it, only see two lenses, because the wide and macro lens come together screwed into each other, so you actually have 3 lenses [macro, wide angle, and fish-eye] but only two cap. On a minus note the caps are only on the front side of the lens, this made me touch the inside lens trying to take it out of the box and because of this I will not be able to use the little black pouch for easy transport [don't want to take the risk to scratch them]. The clip is very strong and steady, nice at the touch and good quality plastic.

I have include 3 pictures one from each lens, they all are pretty nice and fun to use, ones I try it I could not stop taking pictures, just for the fun of what else?!... Fish- eye pretty cool, macro really interesting, wide angle... meh - okay; mostly because, the wide angle lens can NOT be used alone, it does not screw into the clip, only into the macro lens [and is really hard to get focus with it].

Also I used the lens with my phone case on it, of course this may not be possible if you have one of the bulky phone cases, but if you have a normal one it should be no problem, you just need to make sure the lens is center and is not taking the side of the case.

Now the e-book, just forget about the e-book... You have go to the website to get the e-book, then you have subscribe to get the e-book, then go to my email wait for the e-book link that it takes me back to the website with no e-book! asking me to email the company to get the e-book... BS! and then to unsubscribe is another pain... Here I will do you a favor [from their website]:

want to get our amazing E-BOOK for FREE?
contact us at the following address:

I took one star off because up to this point i am not able to unsubscribe from the website [keeps telling me no changes has been made to the account to go back and do it again] and of course no e-book, really frustrated...a part from that all good.


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