Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Letter to Tanqueray (part 2)

Good morning my dear,

It's been yet another crazy weekend by your side and I wonder exactly what happened. I remember early Friday night when you caught me lapping up the suds off a blond Mexican and then admiring the robe on a French red from Bordeau; you were unhappy but you played your cards well and moved in smoothly and took your place in my welcoming hands. I know that you were upset but you never let it show, secretly I know that you love it when I make you jealous and that you get turned on seeing me with a another.

We danced the night away with you in my hands, we sang and laughed and cried and at some point I know we ended up in the bathroom together with me screaming and begging to whatever god would listen. Then things get a little fuzzy, I know you were there though, because I could taste you on my lips and smell you on my clothes.

The next thing I remember you and I were on a balcony not staring at the stars like I thought we would, instead you had me lying on the floor my body convulsing and me gasping for air.

By the time I woke up with the sun in my eyes you were gone, along with my pants. You didn't leave a note and didn't show up the next night like I thought you would. I wonder how long before you come back this time because Lord knows I'm a sucker for your punishment and that my pain is your pleasure; I want you to know that it's so hard to spend the night without you despite our many differences, the passion and fire is always burning in belly for you and my body is always begging you for more.

Love as always,


Anonymous said...

jajajaja, nice!!! borrachin!!!!!!

Muchacho Enfermo said...

I don't think my love affair with Tanqueray will ever be over... But it seems to make for good reading though :P