Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Online Time Wasters With Muchacho Enfermo

One of my favorite ways to waste time online is looking for stupid websites that make all sorts of crazy claims, such as Sloganizer.net that claims: "With Sloganizer you'll create the perfect slogan from a keyword of your choice within seconds. Usually the slogan will be just what you were looking for! "

Here's just a few examples of the perfect slogans they've created with my name:
-Muchacho Enfermo, love it or leave it.
-Muchacho Enfermo for a better future.
-Muchacho Enfermo is a female force.
-It's not a dream. Muchacho Enfermo is real!
-There is no life without Muchacho Enfermo.
-My Muchacho Enfermo and me.

Or with the names of my blogmates:
-Do it with Wendy.
-Wendy evolution.
-Food or Deya? I'll have Deya.
-I wish i had a Deya.

Or for the truly obscene you can even throw in there for extra enjoyment something like "Your Mother" and get this:
-your mother on the outside, tasty on the inside.
-One goal, one passion - your mother.
-There's lots of fun in your mother.

This really isn't funny unless you're really tired, really drunk or both... But it always makes me smile (probably because of my constant of exhausted drunkenness).


Anonymous said...

It must be wendy.wendy makes dreams come true.Firstclass wendy!wendy - spice up your life.The Power of wendy.I love wendy.The magic of wendy.wendy, the secret of women.wendy brings out the best.wendy - it's like heaven!There's only one true wendy!The one and only wendy.No wendy, no kiss.Nobody does it like wendy.The best wendy in the world.I believe in wendy.Everyone should believe in wendy.wendy, your specialist.wendy, to hell with the rest.wendy - today and tomorrow.Nothing to worry about with wendy.wendy, you'll love it!wendy - a class of it's own.You can't stop wendy.Just wendy.wendy, your way!wendy - to feel free!Think wendy.wendy - The Revolution.Kick ass with wendy!I'd do anything for wendy.wendy is a never ending story.wendy takes good care of you.The wendy people.Always the real thing, always wendy.Thanks wendy.wendy lifestyle
I want more, I want wendy.wendy is rolling, the others are stoned.wendy kicks ass.wendy - a safe place in an unsafe world!I wish i had a wendy.The wendy way of life.Live wendy.Keep going well, keep going wendy.You don't want wendy as your enemy!Don't get in the way of wendy.wendy innovate your world.wendy rocks.Don't play with fire, play with wendy. wendyized.wendy? Yes please.3... 2... 1... wendy.Make the world a better place with wendy.There's only one thing in the world I want and that is wendy.The Spirit of wendy.Don't worry, wendy takes care.The art of wendy.wendy makes dreams come true.wendy, the real thing.wendy makes your day.wendy rules.Let's talk about wendy.wendy it's a kind of magic.Lucky wendy.wendy nonstop.wendy groove.Nothing is faster than wendy.There's a bit of wendy in all of us.wendy, the smart choice.wendy - enjoy the difference.Endless possibilities with wendy.wendy - get ready.wendy, you'll love it!Share moments, share wendy.wendy is forever.wendy is good for you.

jajjaja me gusto esta cosa, jajaja, se nota no!!

rizoma_lia said...

well my late happy birthday to Wendy, tú sí que sabes cómo gastar el tiempo de forma entretenida y energizante!!!

las que más me gustaron:
-Do it with Wendy
-Muchacho Enfermo is a female force
-I wish i had a Deya

rizoma_lia said...

fuck I couldn´t resist the temtation:

«Halleluja, it's a lia.»
«lia can do.»
«I'd walk a mile for lia.»
«Step into the light with lia.»

I had to stop, this guys should put their caution (but caution: danger of addiction!)in front of the page!!!

rizoma_lia said...

«lia, one for all.»

rizoma_lia said...

«lia only.»

rizoma_lia said...

you can beat your mother :)!!!

pero aquí es cuando cerré la página de una puta vez: «comunismo's like heaven.»
no way!!!

después mejoró un poco:
«fuck fifo evolution.»

Muchacho Enfermo said...

It is addictive isn't it???
I love the "Step into the light with Lia"...

Just wait until today's post.. I promise more retarded fun for everyone!