Friday, August 14, 2009

Punk Rock Girl (Even More Online Time Wasters with Muchacho Enfermo)

I'm really pushing this song after having posted it on my Facebook and only getting one reaction. As far as I'm concerned I think that the Dead Milkmen are a classic for the ages, this being they're biggest hit and probably one of the most fun songs. In fact it was such a hit that on their website there's even a cut out paper doll game where you can make your own Punk Rock Girl.

I've posted it here without the expressed consent of the Dead Milkmen but I just think it's amazingly fun. Well not really... in fact it's not much fun at all... but either way I was looking for an excuse to post this video and I finally found it. Enjoy (even though I'm sure you won't).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love the video, me gusto un monton el grupo, hoy estaba hablando c on un sicio hay sobre esta cancion, nice!!
y de paper doll en cuba se le llaman cuquitas, yep cuquitas y estabn donde quiera, yomeacuerdo cuando jugaba con ellas, en cuba en ves de barby teniamos cuquitas, jajajajaja