Wednesday, August 12, 2009

(MORE) Online Time Wasters With Muchacho Enfermo

Seeing as how yesterday's post was such a hit with the ever addictive Sloganizer that claimed to make the perfect slogan for you. Today's time waster is along those lines, but while it is slightly less addictive I believe it is equally as entertaining.

Are you people ready for MEXICAN WRESTLER NAMES?! Have you ever wondered what the perfect name for you would be if you were a luchador, one of those mysterious masked acrobats? Well now is the time to find out:

Muchacho Enfermo -> Astronauta Misterioso
Wendy -> Ojo Numero Uno
Deya -> La Fantasía Más Sexy
Serxy-druck-heo -> El Kulo Famoso

Go and discover this crap for yourselves... Write your name in different ways my all capital letters or all small letters to get different results.

And yes, I know this is old, possibly older than Chuck Norris jokes, but it still makes me laugh so back off! :P


Charlie Bravo said...

Laughing my damn hairy head off: El Taquito del Chupacabra!!!!
Can you believe that fucking funky name?????
You should look for a punk band name generator.... but nothing beats Claudia y los Perros!

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Nice name man!
I'll find a punk band name generator... if it's out there I'll find it. You watch!

Anonymous said...

jejej me gusta mi apodo!!! apesar de que te puedes ir por el otro sentidi, jejeje