Thursday, September 17, 2009

Montreal Caribbean... Best Jerk in Town!

So last night I was walking around NDG in search of something to eat for dinner, I couldn't think of anything I felt like eating and I didn't have a ton of money on me so my choices were rather limited. As I'm walking down Maisonneuve near Vendome Metro station, I light a cigarette and as I do so this great big Jamaican guy wearing a chef's uniform comes out of nowhere and asks me if I'm hungry.

"Sure man, of course I'm hungry... what do you got?" I ask.
"We got everything, but for you I'll only make jerk chicken." He answers.
"Is yours any good?"
"Nah man, it's not good... it's fucking excellent."

So he shows me to a small table hidden behind some bushes and asks me to sit. I look around and noticed for the first time a really small sign that says "Montreal Caribbean" on top of some stairs leading to the basement of a driving school. I never would have noticed the place if the chef hadn't of come outside.

The chef comes back outside a few minutes later with a glass of beer, a plate of jerk chicken and a bowl of rice, beans and grilled plantain. All that for about the price of a Big Mac combo meal... The chef was right, it wasn't great it was excellent, it was probably the best jerk chicken I've had in Montreal or just about anywhere else for that matter. I'll be going back there as often as I can, because is there anything better than jerk chicken with rice and beans?

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