Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mc Taouk

In the most famous of Montreal traditions we see here a mix of innovation, integration and adaptation.

A block away from McDonalds and down the block from the world famous Decarie Hot-Dog is the Mc Taouk...

Above you can see the diverse menu that really represents the population of the Cote-Vertu area of Montreal where this restaurant is found...
On the menu you have:
Pizza (Italian)
Fish & Chips (English)
Poutine (Québécois)
Samosa (Indian)
and of course a plethora of Lebanese food:
Shish Taouk

To be honest with you all, I've never eaten at Mc Taouk and I don't think I ever will, having worked in restaurants in the past I tend to distrust a restaurant with a menu that is too wide ranging and not specialized enough. It makes me think of bad buffets that give you stomach problems in the end.

Nonetheless you have to admire the owners of Mc Taouk for moving with the times and adapting to their surroundings.


Anonymous said...

uhnm i think you are right, but maybe is good!!!?, when i get there we gonna go ok!!! i want to get fat >_<

Muchacho Enfermo said...

When you come to Montreal, you can go there and I'll eat at Decarie Hot Dog next door okay?