Monday, September 21, 2009

How to write a cool song...

Any musician will tell you that eventually no matter how much you want to write a song nothing cool comes out of your head... Well there's an amateur musician who took his quest for answers on "How to write a cool song" to the internet...

Here's the question: How do i write a cool song on my guitar?
Here's the answer he received: First, you bake chocolate chip cookies. Then, you crush them up and filter out the crumbs. Next you pour the crumbs onto your favorite pair of sandals. You carry your crumb-covered sandals over to your guitar, hold them up in the air and then crash them together. Cookie dust will fly everywhere. Then you sit down and pluck some strings and you'll undoubtedly have a very cool song.

Instant classic!!!
Don't believe check out the original HERE

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