Friday, April 23, 2010

Letter G -"GTFO"

Before everything GTFO means "Get The Fuck Out", but i just don't understand why someone will say GTFO, for me is completely stupid.

1-Can be an expression of excitement for something really extrodinary, including doubt of its existence.

-Suprised by the size of the dildo, Kathy exclaimed, GTFO! when she pulled it out of Amy's sock drawer.

2- Used to tell noobs off or shut them up.

-Who the fuck cares, online noob bashing is a stupid way to spend your time using the acroynm GTFO.

3- An expression for physically leaving a place with no disclosure to members of the place.

-ohn was so tired of his bitch, when Mark asked how the move was, he pointed to his T-shirt that said GTFO.

4-t is best used in a situation not unlike that of one where a girl or maybe a friend that the rent hate to leave the house immediately, because they are coming home.

-Oh crap! My mom's at the door! She's coming in! I'll hold open this window, you've got to GTFO!!

5-Used to express disbelief or dismay.

You: Man, I was so drunk last night. I think I barfed in my purse.
Your buddy: No, that was your pillow case. And you slept on it anyway.
You: GTFO!! Is that why my hair is so sticky?!

6-It is used to express indignation, usually towards stupidity, incompetence, or both.It can be used in response to something that is unwelcome.

-That guy was annoying and didn't know what he was talking about so I told him to GTFO.

well .... esto es todo por hoy..

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