Friday, April 9, 2010

Letter E- "Erection"

1->The way a native Japanese man or woman pronounce, election.

-BTW, next week is Erection Day, right?

2->The male penis in full strength flow, especially annoying when in the company of friends or at the swimming pool. It can be delt with by the below example.

-This damn erection just won't go down, im going to take it into the bathroom and give it such a beating it'll think twice about coming out again.

3->When blood flows from one head to the other.

-I was sitting in my class wearing basketball shorts and got an erection, then my teacher grabbed my penis because she thought it was my phone.

4->The event in which the penis becomes stiff and hard ready to get stroked,inserted,sucked,stucked,beated,ejaculated,bent,kicked,kneed,etc.

-"Wow this porno video is giving me an erection!"

5->When a man's penis is enlarged due to natural attraction to another person. Men will normally get a hard one after looking at woman who are posing in a manor that is 'stiffening' to a man. See example. Erections are also obtained during sex when fooling around with the opposite gender. However some teenage boys are unable to control this urge and often get an erection in an embarassing situation. Some men get an erection over another man ; this is the sure sign of being gay.

-The man got an erection after looking at a semi-naked woman who was sucking her finger seductively.

6->A building that has been created - generally through man made resources.

-The erection of the new school had been completed a day earlier than expected.

7->the state marked by a firm form or "erect" position of a male penis or female clitorus which was previously flaccid and currently engorged with blood.
->an occurance of one such penis or clitorus, usually brough on by sexual arousal.
->an unwanted side effect of boredom of youths, usually in history class.
->the process of constructing a building or monumanet.

-In 7th grade I got an embarassing erection right as I had to stand up and recite the first 5 amendments in history class. I had to use my thick book to hide my boner as I stood up.

Well this is all.... Have a nice day...


Muchacho Enfermo said...

Well now I FINALLY know what is going on inside my pants!

wendy said...

really... can you explain a litter more.... what is going on inside your pants? :P