Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey!!! DID YOU KNOW....

Did you know that i put a game on the blog, well i did, is not that fun but it can be a good damn entertain, you just have to move the mouse and the fish go to you, hopping that you live them food, and you click and the food appear, is really fun if you like stupid thing like me, but after 10min can be a litter, uhmn, let me put it in an example, (more or less what happen to me), when you star is like: ohh how cute, look how they move,ohh look how many colors; jejje so funny when they fight for food; ahmn they dont get tired!!! how much can they eat!!!; uhmn if i put to much food, can they die?, lest try!!!!!
So try the game!!!!
If you only wanna know if they die because it was to much food, or because the water was dirty....let me tel you this..... THEY DONT DIE!!!!!!!!
and if anyone have a question like: did they get fat?, did they get bigger?.... Let me put it this way....THEY DONT!!!!!
Uhmn, i dont realize if my promotion is good or bad, jajajaja, well check it out!!! and have fun....

1 comment:

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Stupid fish!!! Why won't they die!