Monday, June 28, 2010

Did you know..

Oh MY God, did you know that there are people that actually read this blog!!!! not misunderstand i know that there are some people that read it, por example: Erlis in Cuba, but i didnt know that there where people that read it in Canada, did you hear that!! CANADA, someone ask exactamente when i was gonna post the next letter, that why did i stop after the letter H, ohh it made really happy(but my friend just for you to know i post letter I like 10 days ago!,but lets forget about that litter incident) :) and just for you to know i havent post the "J" because i cant fine a good definition to it, but im still working just wait a litter more, well i say bye for now...muaaaa
Happy, happy...happy, happy, happy...Happy!!!...Happy!!!!...Happy!!!!!
(that is my litter song)

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