Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now What!!

This CREATURE was spotted (and beaten to death) by a couple of teens in Panama. This looks seriously disturbing, they said the boys who found it beat it to death after it crawled up from a cave. The strange features are enough to make anyone creepy at first appearance, but if you look at the long arms, small round face, bits or wiry brown fur, and what seem to be claws at the end of it’s ‘hand’; this seems a very dead sloth. Sloths do live in panama. The the reason why it’s ‘naked’ and bloated is simply from being in the sea water, and dead for a while(others think).

But, Why was it beaten to death? It looks like it has very little muscle, it has no teeth, no hair, and it looks clumsy as f". Just because is frickin’ weird doesn’t mean it has to be beaten up to death. What kind of threat could this thing portray? Goddamn humans destroying everything they see. Shame on the kids who did that.


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